Apple Tree Family Ministries
Drawing Closer to God Through Childbirth

If you’ve had difficulty reaching us lately—we apologize! An unexpected move led to some lost phone messages and a sudden change of address. Please call or write again (see the “Contact Us” page), and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Maybe you’re a parent to be, hoping for a positive birth experience. Or a pastor who would like to help your parishioners encounter God in the life-changing experience of childbirth. Perhaps you’re interested in teaching childbirth classes, or you’re already a birth professional—a childbirth educator, doula, midwife, or doctor who wants to help your clients explore the spiritual dimensions of birth.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out our vision and mission, what we believe about faith and about birth and parenting, a little of our history, and our team of experienced leaders. Learn about our classes to prepare you for a positive, spiritually enriching birth—or about how you can teach
others. Dig deeper with our helpful resources. And contact us with your questions or suggestions.

Yes, birth can be both joyful and spiritually enriching—and were here to help you make it happen!

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